Current Openings at NDGI, NDGI Illinois, and NDGI Ohio

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Job Descriptions

Job objective or overall purpose statement
To obtain representative samples and maintain sample integrity.

Summary of Position
NDGI's Grain Sampler/Technician position entails going out to elevators along the Red River Valley and within 100-mile radius of Fargo. There is generally a crew of 3. The crew consists of a sampler, technician and inspector. The sampler is on top of railcars the majority of the shift shutting and sealing the railcar lids, writing down the railcar ID's and seal numbers onto the work records, and maintaining accurate records. The crew meets in the Fargo office and takes a company vehicle out to all sites.

Hours are variable and there is not a limit on the amount of overtime that can be made. The hours outside of 7 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday and all of Saturday, count as 1.5x ($21/hour). Overtime is automatically made regardless of how many hours are worked. All hours worked on Sunday are double time.

List of duties or tasks performed critical to success:

  • Shut railcar lids (generally 115 per shift)
  • Seal railcar lids to maintain sample integrity
  • Maintain accurate work records
  • Can move into technician function over time which would involve running grain through testing equipment


  • Ability to bend/lift over 50 lbs.
  • Be moving through entirety of shift
  • Work 12+ Hour shifts while standing
  • Feel comfortable on top of railcars at 17 feet in the air (with fall protection)
  • Work variable hours and shifts
  • Exposure to various climates
  • No experience required

Job objective or overall purpose statement
To deliver accurate results in a timely manner for customers.

Summary of Position
NDGI's Agricultural Commodity Technicians facilitate the testing of grain through various equipment and laboratory tests. This position requires flexibility in hours with busier times requiring extra overtime to get all work for the day done. The position works under two supervisors and works with 1-2 others in a similar position. Due to the unique nature of the position, all training is on-the-job and through video/written materials.

List of duties or tasks performed critical to success:

  • Run qualitative tests on grain
  • Maintain inventory of sampling supplies
  • Monitor fleet cleanliness
  • Moving, storing and locating inventory materials
  • Maintaining a clean work environment
  • Daily cleaning and organizing of lab areas
  • Assists in other duties to help in the daily functions of the office
  • taking fleet vehicles in for maintenance, basic equipment maintenance, running errands, purchasing supplies, etc.


  • Ability to life 50 pounds
  • Legible penmanship for recording results
  • Ability to work overtime when needed
  • Current driver’s license and ability to be insured on company auto insurance
  • Pass licensing tests after 30-day period per Federal Grain Inspection Service.
  • Must be detail-focused and have the ability to work under deadlines
  • Must have ability to multi-task while staying organized
  • Must be able to be on your feet for entirety of shift, when needed
  • Basic mechanical skills are a plus
  • Handling/touching of various agricultural products

North Dakota Grain Inspection Inc. provides official commercial inbound truck lot sampling, grading and weighing under the United States Grain Standards Act. USGSA Federally approved labs are set up on site and staffed by USGSA certified employees. Every truck lot that enters the facilities are sampled using an approved mechanical hydraulic probe. The sample is then tested and issued a USDA grade. The grade results are entered into a computer program that is accessible to the elevator employees. Specific tests include test weight/bushel, moisture %, dockage %, foreign material % and damage kernel total. The truck lots are weighed in, dumped into specific storage bins in correlation to their grade designation, and weighed out. The truck driver then receives a scale ticket for the load.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Off-site locations (Work is not in Fargo)
  • Maintain accurate work records
  • Sample Trucks
  • Insure accurate testing and inspection


  • Ability to bend/lift over 50 lbs.
  • Be moving through entirety of shift
  • Work variable hours and shifts
  • Clean driving record
  • No experience required

Shifts/Work Hours:

  • Normal shift ranges from 5 to 7 hours in length with minimal breaks
  • Shift will include up to 1 hour of drive time to and from truck lab
  • During Harvest (August through November) long hours on week days and weekends
    • No time off will be given during Harvest season

How to Apply

Please print and complete an application, and then:


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